March 01, 2021

The professional platform
“Frauendomäne” aims to strengthen the visibility of women in work-related environments. Today, they have chosen to highlight The STEM fatale Initative’s founder Nicole Amberg on their social media channels.

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About Frauendomäne:

Frauendomäne makes female skills visible. Because every subject offers top-qualified women*. However, women’s skills and knowledge are rarely presented in public.

That is why Frauendomäne is building up a broad database of female experts covering every subject. Experts from various fields and backgrounds can enter their database free of charge and thus present their professional competence.

Frauendomäne strives for a world in which people build expertise and competence according to their strengths and not according to their gender. Visibility is very important, but it is not enough on its own. Behind the lack of visibility of women* in the professional environment is a systemic, societal problem that needs to be highlighted.

This approach plays an important role in the systemic analysis of the problem of the lack of visibility of female competence. Frauendomäne would like to map all women* in their database and with their work, especially those who are even less visible or who suffer particularly from homogenized systems. The lack of visibility of one’s own
gender, one’s own skin color, etc. in the professional context and in public means that many people do not see themselves represented and therefore cannot imagine taking on such roles themselves.


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