The STEM fatale Exchange platform provides you with networking events, which range from inviting female role models for women’s round table discussions to meetings, summits and themed evenings. These events allow a lively exchange and opportunity to learn from invited role models and from each other and share your own experience. We want to enable women to make use of both, social support from their peers and information exchange about career opportunities and potential collaborations. By addressing the specific needs for women at all career stages striving for the advancement of their STEM career, we want to empower women to make it all the way up to a leadership position.

Austria’s academic environment has become truly international – that’s why all STEM fatale content and events will be available in English.

Upcoming events: Due to the current COVID-19 situation, events are on hold. We keep you informed about future developments, such as round table online sessions and virtual talks! 

In the meantime, we have collected lots of useful information for you, such as a list of Austrian women-centric networks, international science mentoring platforms, articles about scientific career advice, inspiring interviews with successful women, and many more. 

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