Increasing the visibility of women in STEM and at the same time talk about what we love (science) can be achieved all in one: through science communication and thus actively engaging with the public. We have been very active in doing so over the last months and we are providing you with a little summary here:

Melissa Stouffer, Irene Vercellino and Nicole Amberg have contributed to various Science Slams in Vienna and Lower Austria:

In 2023, Nicole has released her Virtual Reality App “Stem Cell Lab”, which she developed in the course of her FWF funded science communication project. The VR allows the audience to enter a virtual neuroscience lab and explore the the model organism mouse, walk around in a lab environment, complete various tasks and learn about the brain as well as about every day life of a basic researcher.

Find out more about the VR App and the project at Vista Science.

At many other occasions, we have provided lab tours with hands-on tasks for whole school classes or participated in novel science edutainment formats such as the “bicycle cinema” with it’s “Kurbeln statt Schwurbeln” series, where cinema, energy generation through muscle power and science came together.