The November 2021 issue of the Austrian magazine WOMAN highlights The STEM fatale Initiative co-founder Nicole Amberg as a successful woman in science. Nicole and deputy chief editor Melanie Zingl discuss about visibility, role models and what society as well as women can do to increase the participation of women in leadership positions in STEM.

Special thanks to WOMAN for picking up on this highly relevant topic and for the excellent article. We are particularly honored to play a significant part in the story. We hope that opinions and stories like this can contribute to convince girls and women that they belong everywhere and deserve to be visible! 

Raising awareness about STEM as a profession, showing that lack of women in leadership positions is a recognized and thought-upon fact, as well as the importance of taking action to fight inequalities in society are major steps forward to make STEM (and society as a whole) a more equal place.

You can download a pdf of the article here: Woman_Amberg: