We strongly feel that science communication and science education are fundamental duties to give back to the community enabling our research. They are also the basis to invest into young generations in order to share our knowledge, encourage future researchers to be curious, raise enthusiasm for science and in the end support groundbreaking discoveries paving the way to the future.

Therefore we are always saying ‘yes’ when it comes to media appearances, because thereby we cannot only talk about science, but also give science a face – in our case mostly the face of a woman. In that sense, we are able to make science more personal and to convey the message that women are experts in the STEM disciplines. Our media appearances range from lay audience edutainment to expert formats. 

Stethoskop – Medizin zum Nachhören” is the official podcast channel of “Medizin am Puls”. This channel is aimed at anyone interested in medicine who wants to receive training, further education and training.

As neuroscience researcher, Nicole Amberg had the great please to talk about the 21 research articles that were released in October 2023 by the BRAIN Initiative and published back-to-back in Science, Science Advances, and Science Translational Medicine. You can find her interview on “the brain – a puzzle of more than 3000 pieces” here

“Basic knowledge” summarizes the basics in various specialist areas. 

In the “Inquired By” series, they are discussing a wide range of topics with national experts.

In the “Iceberg” discussions, they dive into more controversial and hotly debated topics together with national and international experts and key opinion leaders in the necessary detail and depth.

Since 2022, Nicole Amberg appears as a regular molecular biology expert in the Austrian TV showFakt or Fake“, shown in ORF1. The show is very popular and thus provides a fantastic platform to communicate science. 

In the show, a team of prominent Austrian persons is confronted with memes, hoaxes, videos, headlines and urban legends. It is their task to find out what is fact and what is deception. The topics include virally circulating videos and common statements from all around the world. In the end, a dedicated expert provides an easy to understand explanation and resolves the big question “is it fact or fake”. 

The latest issue of the Medical University of Vienna’s internal magazineMedUnique” features a portrait of Nicole Amberg and her activities in The STEM fatale Initiative. 

Enjoy reading!