The Sorority.Verein for cross-industry networking and career advancement of women in Austria sees itself as an independent, solidary, intersectional network, accessible to everyone regardless of age, (social) origin, industry and education.

The Sorority creates analogue and digital spaces for women and people reading as women to strengthen and support each other, to exchange experiences and information about professional and labor market topics and to learn from each other. How to better learn about women in science than inviting The STEM fatale Initiative founder Nicole Amberg?

photo credit: Kasandri Photography

Nicole was invited by Sorority board member Sibel Ada, neuroscientist at the Medical University of Vienna. Nicole and Sibel met at the last ANA meeting (Austrian Neuroscience Association meeting) in Salzburg and thus provide a perfect example of how networking interactions can result in successful exchange of ideas and create new friendships. 


Find further information about Nicole‘s invitation and the Sorority here: