Our team member Mojtaba is featured in the latest episode of the Podcast “Science on Trial and Error” by IST Austria PhD student Kasia Kuzmicz-Kowalska.

Mojtaba speaks about his fascination for chemistry and biology, his passion for science, his journey as a refugee arriving in Austria at 13 years of age and now performing a PhD in one of the best research places in the world. Be inspired by his heartwarming gratitude for life and his admirable humanistic attitude in general. Mojtaba is also a firm believer in actively contributing to improve society – be it by kindness, by supporting Afghan refugees to a recognize Austria as a new home, by promoting gender equality and diversity in STEM and beyond, and by enhancing scientists skills in science communication. We feel very humbled that Mojtaba is a member of our team!  

You can find the full episode here:
-Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3gMDhWg
-YouTube: https://youtu.be/Ih7tNEuUHAw
-Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/38t2eS9
-Science on Trial and Error Website: https://scienceontrialanderror.podbean.com/e/ep009-mojtabatavakoli/

 “Science on Trial and Error” is a podcast by Kasia Kuzmicz-Kowalska, who currently is a PhD student in the developmental biology lab of Anna Kicheva at IST Austria. Kasia not only loves science, she also has a fascination about other researcher’s stories and passions. Every two weeks, she is now sharing her conversations with various scientists of different career stages in her podcast, which you can find on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts or the Science on Trial and Error website.

Enjoy listening!

Photo credit: Kasia Kuzmicz-Kowalska