At this year‘s Next Generation CAR TCR summit in London, Nicole Amberg was invited to kick off the meeting with an excellent panel of women C-level leaders to discuss „Prioritizing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the CAR-TCR field“. 

The panel consisted of :

– Kate Rochlin, COO at IN8bio

– Peggy Sotiropoulou, CSO at t-knife therapeutics

– Tina Albertsons, CMO at Lyell Immunopharma

– Mythili Koneru, CMO at Marker Therapeutics

During their discussion involving questions from the audience, the panel touched on a number of important aspects and considerations regarding diversity. They covered a broad range of topics including each panelist’s individual career path and career choices, their personal and their companies‘ thoughts on diversity, the existence of biases and the requirement to read between the lines of a CV to find the person with the best skills for an open position. Although everyone on the panel had to find their their own strategic navigations through their careers, they admitted to probably had been given a head start based on a variety of factors and available resources. Creating an environment where such differences are considered during the hiring process already provides a rich source for a more diverse and inclusive workplace that highly benefits from each individual’s motivation and skills.