The STEM Fatale Initiative

Taking action towards Gender Equality
in leadership positions

Mission Statement

The STEM fatale initiative is aiming to become an international, English-speaking network for STEM women in Austria, evolving from the Vienna region. In addition to regular events, we will also offer mentoring and coaching that support women scientists on their way to a leadership position.

Using a survey, we have set out for a data-driven, evidence-based approach, allowing to formulate the real needs to support women towards leadership positions in STEM. Based on thereby identified career factors, we will present concrete action measures to policy makers, scientific institutions and the general public.
We do so, because we believe that these proposed actions will help women scientists to advance their skills and make a contribute to gender equality in leadership positions in STEM.

We are currently hosting a creativity contest on the topic ‘Women in Tech’ in order to spark school kids’ interests in STEM and expose them to successful women leaders in STEM. We believe that fostering self-belief and curiosity of the next generation is a sustainable step towards a more equitable future.