Every career stage requires the development and/or improvement of certain skills in order to be suitable for the next stage. Many scientists do not reflect on their career objectives early enough and thus lack clear goals to follow. Mentors and coaches can be of great support to get a clearer vision about your potential path, strengths and weaknesses. The STEM fatale initiative will facilitate finding an appropriate mentor and/or coach for you. Stay tuned to find out more about our mentors and coaches within our network soon.

Moreover, with STEM fatale you will receives orientation marks and guidelines for all career stages with general and specific training objectives, which may be important to become a suitable candidate for your next career step. Once fulfilled, these objectives will not only be beneficial to your CV and make you a suitable candidate being invited for job interviews, but will also help you raise your awareness on your own skills and thus boost your self-confidence and result in enhanced female applications for leadership positions in STEM.  

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